An org chart built right inside Slack.

Build your org chart directly in Slack, and see your teammates and their managers all in one view. 👀

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/lookup @anyone ...

Curious about someone? Look them up right there! 🔎

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... without leaving your channel.

Don't ever leave your workspace. Lookup right there, and move on. 💻

20,000+ employees. 100+ organizations use O.

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Pricing? 100% Free.

Out-of-the-box Free

✔️ Native Slack integration
✔️ View reports and manager chain
✔️ Lookup command in slack channel
✔️ Batch edit functionality for org changes

✔️ No limit on number of users
No limit on number of changes

Enterprise Support

✔️ All out-of-the-box features
✔️ Custom integration with existing HR tools
✔️ Priority customer support for issues
 Custom feature prioritization 

Please contact hello@ochart.co for more details.

Using O is simple & fast.


Q. How will my team members use O to lookup other members in the team?

A. All members can use the /lookup command in any Slack channel to lookup members, and their reporting chains.  From there, they can navigate and search for anyone else in the company.

Q. How does one make edits to the org chart?

A. All changes to the org chart can be made without leaving Slack. We offer batch editing so that you can edit changes to multiple team members all in one go.

Bring your team together without ever leaving Slack .